Oppfølging om returnerende IS-krigere  

Onsdag publiserte vi en kommentar om hva som bør skje med de tilbakvendte IS-krigerne, og vi hevdet at dagens poltikk overfor disse returnerende krigerne er preget av altruisme. Etter at vi publisert vår artikkel leste vi Bruce Bawers kommentar om samme problematikk, og vi vil sitere noe fra den for å illustrere vår påstand. 

«Both the 2014 Guardian story and last Friday’s Euronews report were rather puzzling, because you would never imagine, after reading them, that ISIS terrorists have actually been returning for years to some of these countries without ever being prosecuted. Generally speaking, indeed, these countries’ approaches to the return of ISIS members appear to have been feeble, confused, and highly uneven, sometimes varying significantly from one part of a country to another. There have been claims that it’s all but impossible to prosecute these people successfully – partly because European courts eschew jurisdiction over atrocities committed in far-off places and partly because hard evidence is hard to come by. But in many cases the reluctance to prosecute also seems to be rooted in the twisted temptation, on the part of at least some European authorities, to regard these evil beheaders (or would-be beheaders) as victims.»

Returnerende IS-krigerne blir altså betraktet som ofre. 

«…everybody in Britain now knows the name of 19-year-old Shamima Begum, who left Britain in 2015 to join ISIS. Begum, who this weekend gave birth to her third child at a refugee camp in Syria, has said that she wants to go back to the U.K. and live at her parents’ home in London. Even though she’s refused to express the slightest remorse for her treason, people across Britain have fretted over her fate. For example, Richard Barrett, a former head of MI6, Britain’s counterpart to the CIA, has said that Britain should let her come home «if we are to stand by our values.» Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott concurs, saying she opposes «making people stateless.» On Sunday, a woman with a working-class British accent phoned into the two-hour Nigel Farage Show – on which Begum’s fate was Topic A – and insisted passionately that “we have a duty to look after that girl!»»

Så noen mener at «vi ha en plikt til å ta oss av» en kvinne som sluttet seg til terroristorganisasjonen IS og som åpent støtter den barbariske krigføring IS står for.

(Vi skyter her inn følgende som vi fant på rights.no: « … Shamima Begum (19) er fratatt britisk statsborgerskap.  … den unge kvinnen som reiste til Syria 15 år gammel, sitter nå i en flyktningleir kontrollert av kurdere og vil tilbake til London. … Begum har uten blygsel tilkjennegitt sin fulle støtte de siste dagene til henrettelser og alt IS har utført av grusomheter. Dette har blitt rapportert av medier nær sagt verden over. Så skjer dette: NRK Kveldsnytt rapporterer kvelden i går, 19 . februar, at hun er fratatt statsborgerskapet. Ikke ett ord nevnes om hennes ekstremistiske holdinger. Ikke ett! … Ikke ett eneste ord om at denne unge kvinnen og moren støtter avkappinger av hoder på «vantro». At hun ikke angrer livsvalget sitt. Ikke ett ord om at hun fremdeles støtter tanken om IS og et kalifat.» Sitat slutt fra rights.no. Link til hele innlegget nedenfor.  At NRKs nyhetsredaksjon igjen viser hvor løgnaktige de er mht. å skjule hva islamistiske terrorister egentlig mener og gjør, er ikke sjokkerende eller noen overraskende for oss; det er akkurat det vi forventer fra NRK. NRK er jo intet annet enn venstreorientert propagandakanal.)   

«…. «over sixty former ISIS fighters have returned to Canada, with more on the way», and that, instead of being imprisoned or prosecuted, they were being given “thorough rehabilitation.” Some leaders might worry about the risk that such terrorists pose to law-abiding citizens, but the Trudeau administration, unsurprisingly, is more concerned about the safety of the terrorists, whose «identities and locations» are being systematically concealed in order «to protect them».

IS-krigere i Canada blir bosatt under statlig beskyttelse ….. . Det burde ha blitt satt i en statlig leir for krigsfanger. 

«At least a few Dutch citizens who have fought for ISIS have reportedly been flown back home free of charge by the government and given places to live. In February 2017, De Volkskrant ran a rosy report claiming that returnees, then numbering about fifty, seemed to pose «no violent threat at all»; on the contrary, many of them, poor things, were themselves «traumatized.» (Reality check: by the time that piece appeared in De Volkskrant, returnees had already been involved in major terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris.) «Last month,» reported the Economist in December 2017, «a court in the Netherlands convicted a 22-year-old Dutch woman» who had moved with her Palestinian husband to ISIS territory «of helping to plan terrorism. It then set her free.» Indeed, though there are ISIS trials in the Netherlands, the percentages don’t look good: as of February of last year, according to one source, only seven of 50 ISIS returnees had been tried and convicted of criminal charges, while eight were being prosecuted. The other day, the Netherlands’ Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, affirmed that his country is, at present, actively involved in repatriating female ISIS members who hold Dutch passports. He didn’t say anything about arresting them.»

«And Sweden? In that country, it’s up to individual municipalities to decide what to do about returning ISIS members. In 2015, Expressen reported that one such municipality, Örebro, was giving them jobs and offering them «help by a psychologist» to «process the traumatic experiences they’ve undergone.» In 2016, the Sun reported that the city of Lund was offering them «free housing, a driver’s license and a range of tax benefits.» (This policy was formulated in accordance with a criminologist’s warning that «terrorist fighters will face difficulties unless they are supported»; a Lund official, Anna Sjöstrand, explained: «We cannot say because you made a wrong choice, you have no right to come back and live in our society.»)» 

Terroristene blir ikke straffet eller satt i leir, de blir gitt hjelp fra psykolog slik at de kan prosessere de traumatiske opplevelsene de har vært igjennom. Og selvsagt får de leilighet, trygd, mm. 

Danmark er ikke mye bedre enn Sverige: «In 2014, the Guardian reported at length on «the so-called Aarhus model,» named after Denmark’s second-largest city, the premise of which was summed up as follows by a psychology professor at Aarhus University: «Look: these are young people struggling with pretty much the same issues as any others – getting a grip on their lives, making sense of things, finding a meaningful place in society. We have to say: provided you have done nothing criminal, we will help you to find a way back».»

Alle unge har utfordringer og problemer, og om noen velger å slutte seg til en barbarisk terroristorganisasjon så er dette er et av mange valg som alle er like legitime, og de som velger dette bør få hjelp og støtte.

Tyskland: «… the Berlin government believed that over 960 people had left Germany to fight for ISIS, and that about a third had already returned home. In that country, too, the goal is «deradicalization.» Although state, not federal, officials are responsible for carrying out that process, the federal government provides «support for families of those who left Germany to fight for Islamic State» and, since last year, has funded programs «to educate and deradicalize returning foreign fighters.»»

De tilbakevendte terroristene blir ikke satt i leir eller i fengsel, de blir plassert i programmer som skal deradikalisere dem samtidig som familiene får statlig hjelp og støtte. (Det er flere eksempler i Bawers artikkel, som er å finne på en link nedenfor.) 

Det er vanskelig å finne tydeligere eksempler på anvendelsen av det Jesus oppfordret oss til: «elsk dine fiender … sett dere ikke imot den som vil gjøre ondt imot dere … om noen tar skoene dine gi ham kappen også ….». Det som er idealet bak denne politikken er ren altruisme. 

La oss til slutt ha sagt at Bawer er en av de bedre kommentatorene i den konservative pressen, men selv ikke han nevner det som bør skje med IS-krigerne: de bør settes i en leir for krigsfanger inntil krigen er over; hans syn er at de bør stilles for retten. Så vi er ganske alene om vårt syn om at de bør settes i leir. 







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